Wednesday 18 September 2013



“To protect and extend the useful life of Cement Concrete infrastructure around the world”. 

One of the main reasons of concrete deterioration is water/fluid migration through the concrete. The water penetrates concrete causing rebar corrosion, freeze-thaw deterioration, Alkali-Silica-Reaction and many more conditions that are adverse. These conditions can deteriorate concrete and renders concrete structures useless and dangerous. Our products primarily, address this challenge of preventing water migration through the concrete structures.

We have developed products that have been solving concrete problems for many years in the Transportation industry, Commercial and residential construction industry, Oil and Natural gas industry, Water and Sewer Industry, Wind, Solar and Geothermal industries, just to name a few. 

We are committed to conducting our business with, honesty, integrity and the highest ethical standards. We are committed to producing the highest quality. We believe that the customer is always right and will do whatever we can to make sure our customers are satisfied with our products and services.

We also believe that even though our products are simple to use, the concrete technology is complex and requires much education. We are committed to providing as much technical education as we can to our customers. We sometimes go beyond the call of duty to educate our customers so that they understand how our products are helping them solve their problems.